Naomi Carmack

Naomi Carmack is a singer/songwriter from Canada. She has been pursuing a music career since she was 11 years old. Naomi Carmack

In 1991 Naomi recorded a dance single called "Be My Baby" and entered it in a contest with her local radio station, Power 92.5 FM. The judges were impressed, and she won second runner-up in the "Powermix" competition. "Be My Baby" was released on a CD remixed by Canadian DJ Chris Sheppard and on sale at local record stores in 1995. That year Naomi was honoured by the Alberta Recording Industry Association with a nomination for the "Best Dance/Rap/Rhythm Artist" award. Naomi Carmack

Naomi is currently working in the studio with producers Corey Johnson and Mike Bidlock on her first CD, filled with rock, pop, and R&B influenced sounds. Naomi has written most of her lyrics and melodies, and currently collaborates with her producers on tracks they are recording.

Naomi has the ambition and drive to succeed, and her multiple talents of writing, performing, and arranging music give her the inside track in the music industry.

She wants the world to hear the music she feels so passionately about.

Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

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