Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages is Wesley Rogers. Mixed Messages

All the songs that run through Wes's head at night, the ones he hears riding on the bus, while working his dead-end job, and everywhere else filled with useless drama and consumption, are channeled through Mixed Messages.

Peek into the psyche of one man by listening to these songs. Nothing is hidden, everything is laid bare. Or is it? "There's something here just itching to be solved." ('freaked out')

Relax and listen to the rock/trance/techno beats of each song, or delve deeper into a world of evolving ideas.

Wes lives in Seattle, Washington, where he wishes it would rain more.

His influences include Tool, A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Aphex Twin, Rage Against the Machine, Skinny Puppy, Smashing Pumpkins, Presidents of the USA and a host of others that I can't be bothered to type up. Foreshadowing

The CD-single 'foreshadowing', from which the current tracks are drawn, was released in 2003. The full album 'The Ordeal' is scheduled to be released summer 2004.

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Friday, 18-Jan-2019

Today's Selection

Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
Play Lackluster by euphoreador (alternative)Lackluster
Play Closed To You by jake (alternative)Closed To You
Play Suck Me by lecso (punk)Suck Me
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