Rogue Thief

Rogue Thief is an unsigned band from Philadelphia, Pa. geared toward creating an original, ecclectic sound, unlike anything else in the independant or mainstream music world... A one man project in every respect, Rogue Thief consists of a lead guitar, a bass emulating guitar, an electronic drummer, and my own voice...oh, I'm Rocco, by the way- I'm the brains behind this project....I try to create an honest, yet abstract sound reminiscent of the early low budget punk rock music which I will always love, however recorded digitally in an attempt to update my sound. My music is extremely gainy, with an extra loud and simplistic drum track, all meshing together into a surprisingly listener-friendly sound, that you either may or may not like, I can't account for the tastes of the individual, and would prefer not to (you could drive yourself crazy trying to think about who likes or dislikes your work, you know!), but I'm pretty damned happy with it myself, I must say....

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018

Today's Selection

Play Demand Of Thyself by euphoreador (alternative)Demand Of Thyself
Play Be Like You by Naomi Carmack (pop)Be Like You
Play 22 by Mixed Messages (alternative)22
Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
I like this track!

I hate this track! X