Arise Sir Robin. Oh you have.

WHAT DO YOU DO after your original, alt-rock band plays all over New England, including a couple of Monday nights at CBGB's, produces their own 19 track CD, plays on some local radio, is all set to break into the Boston scene with gigs booked, and it all blows up? You blame the drugs and alcohol, of course. You blame the drummer. Maybe you blame him first? You pick up the pieces. You make the music you wanted to make, on your own. With your 4 track. With your shoe horn. With freedom and desire. You make that rock opera about Jack The Ripper with the London Philharmonic.

This is Robinhood - personal songs about love, hate and something in between. Robin plays dynamic guitar without the juh-juh-juh predictability. Robin sings partly from his gut, a little from his head, a lot from his ass and mostly, from his heart. He strives for the atmosphere of the song and seeks the sounds to support it. He writes about the should-be-real - what people would say and do to each other if it weren't for all the baggage and fear.

Some say "Elvis Costello meets The Replacements on a camping trip". Some say "Radiohead vs. The Foo Fighters and everyone wins". Some say "Pete Townshend and Jeff Tweedy's love child". Some people just say "Robinhood".

Bobby Bensley, A&R says "Robin Hood, after listening to the first 4 tracks on your page 4 times I had to go get the rest of them ... Some of the vocal harmonies on these tunes are nothing short of fabulous. These are well conceived and structured songs that should be selling on albums and spinning on adult contemporary and soft rock stations across the country." And Bobby listens to A LOT of independent music.

Robin wants to get his music heard. He is looking for song placement in radio, web-radio, compilation projects and sound tracks. Ultimately, Robin seeks a development deal.

Friday, 18-Jan-2019

Today's Selection

Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
Play Lackluster by euphoreador (alternative)Lackluster
Play Closed To You by jake (alternative)Closed To You
Play Suck Me by lecso (punk)Suck Me
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