Sophia Darcell

Sophia Darcell Take the ultra cool backdrop of sizzling hot Miami, a sultry female soul singer, and five dapper groove-oriented musicians collectively from Paris, Aracuja, Barcelona, and Memphis…put them together and what do you get? One eclectic undeniably sexy wall of sound reflected in Sophia Darcell’s new album "Soul Eclectic". Currently touring throughout the Southeast, Sophia Darcell makes an impressive return to the urban music scene with a marked departure from the melancholic acoustic songs of “Love=Pain” back in 2001. Although the depressive ballads on “Love=Pain” earned Sophia rave press reviews in South East Performer Magazine, Creative Loafing Atlanta,, etc., in addition to performances everywhere from Hard Rock Café to Phillips Arena, it’s obvious the songstress/producer rebounds this time around with more socially conscious songs, backed by up tempo Urban Afro-Caribbean grooves, and a decidedly different attitude concerning life and affairs of the heart. Joined by Eric Escanes (Guitar), Charles Silva (Percussion), Dave Gabillet (Drums), Kenneth Williams (Bass), and Juan Pau (Keyboards), Sophia Darcell’s comeback is nothing ordinary. Together their smooth fusion of Jazz, Rock, Funk, and R&B bring to mind Brit-Soul bands like Brand New Heavies, Sade, Les Nubians, and Incognito. Their first single "Charades" is expected to begin airplay on various radio stations across the U.S. and U.K. in March 2006 including WEDR 99 JMAZ 99.1 FM, SIRIUS satellite radio, and Etherbeat Alternative Urban Internet Radio. Without further ado, take a listen to Sophia Darcell. Contact GrooveCraft Productions David R. Johnson, Artist Relations

Friday, 21-Sep-2018

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