Urgent Dispatch

Urgent Dispatch's Published Music

Urgent Dispatch started life as an informal street/garage/party/jam group in the mid 80's and we have been evolving ever since.

Album List (*) Available for Download on Soundclick
1987 Urgent Dispatch (*)
1989 Vicious Circle (*)
1991 Finding Ways Past There (*)
1993 Thoughts on Evil (*)
1995 Killing Machine (*)
1996 Hard Metal Our Way (Live) (*)
1997 Groovin Hip Tunes
1998 Mother*****r
1999 Blue Planet
2001 Within Your Grave
2003 Just Friends
2004 Death After Life (Live)
2005 Free in Your Evil War(*)
2006 CIMPEL (* released in may 2007)
2007 Delusions of Grandeur (*)
2008 Wannabe (*)
2009 Preconceoptions (*)
2017 Why Not?

The list of past and present members
(by no means is this an exhaustive list!)

CM Daniels - (present) - Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards

JJ Puff - (past) - Drums, Lyrics
Rob B. - (past) - Guitar
Chris G. - (past) - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
E.A.R. - (past) - Bass, Lyrics
Darwin - (past) - Guitar
Travis - (past) - Guitar

Darcy - (past) - Band Manager and Group Head

There was also D.W. - without whom none of this would have been possible.
You were right, every good boy deserves a christmas stocking

To all the others who I've met along the way (you know who you are) thanks :}

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have one :)

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018

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Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
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