Yellow Jumps Twice

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When yellow jumps twice

Catchy melodies and matured arrangements, building a bridge between driving guitars and tremendous harmonies – this is „Yellow Jumps Twice“. Yahoo-Music & iTunes certify the band straight Rock with a big dose of Britpop. 70.000 downloads and nearly 800 subscribers for their podcast – this is how people around the world honour the band’s songs .
Straight songs like „The Turning Of The Sheets “ and the sensitive ballad „A Hundred Miles Away “ are reflecting the great variety of „Yellow Jumps Twice“.

Since the band was founded in 2000 six CDs were released:

„True Companions“(4-track CD/2000),
„Fish Stories“ (4-track CD/2001),
„Yellow Jumps Twice“ (debut album/2002),
“Whatever Happened To…” (2nd album/2004),
“Get A Tan From Singing In The English Rain” (3rd album/2005)
& “Beside The Street” (4th album/2005).

YJ2 are

Silke Thomas
Ulrich Teufel
Harald Gritschke
and Sebastian Teufel.

So if you wanna check out the „Yellow Experience“:

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018

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