Indie Unplugged Miami

Indie Unplugged Miami was a show that was recorded on July 14th, 2007 at The Wallflower Gallery in downtown Miami. Some of the most popular indie artists from South Florida performed including Fitzroy, Raffa and Rainer, Rachel Goodrich, Rabbit in a Hat, Alucard, E. Grizzly, Michelangelo, Adolfo and many more. The artists made enough money July 14th to pay for all the expenses, to pay for the recordings, and also to print a promotional CD of the concert. There are no labels trully helping them make this CD. There's no management, no promoters, its basically artists helping artists and all the fans who paid to see it happen. Indie Unplugged Miami will be released September 15th, 2007 but it will not be sold in stores. It will be a limited pressed CD and the only way you can get the album would be to contact the artists who performed. All of the artists perform in South Florida frequently so you can go to one of their shows to pick up a CD or you can send them a message to buy it online with their info below. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Peace. E. Grizzly -, Rachel Goodrich - Fitzroy -, Raffa and Rainer - Alucard - Rabbit in a Hat - Adolfo - Michelangelo - Up All Night Productions -

Friday, 18-Jan-2019

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