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I became a "DJ" when I was a kid because I loved how it let you alter and change the way things sound. Now I write my own beats and music totally from scratch with no schooling or training involved. I'm a "wild card" so to speak and I'm never afraid to try new things with my musical creations. It's all about the ever changing innovation and originality of music that keeps it real and true. I just hope that everyone will feel the energy and hear the feeling that I put into my music. I have all the beats you want on my site. "www.wrecklessbeats.com" Most of them are free downloads too... all I ask is that you let me know if you plan on using or displaying any of my tracks in public or on the internet, and that you hook me up with the proper writing credit, that's all. Unless there's a ton of money to be made, we can just make hot music for free. No one's paying me to write beats... I do it cuz I love music and cuz I can... so why should I charge someone who just wants to write something of their own and be creative when they're not getting paid either, ya know? Hit my website and peep some tracks.... let me know if you feeling anything.



Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

Today's Selection

Play Gamer by rap1o4 (jazz)Gamer
Play Robber Barren by euphoreador (alternative)Robber Barren
Play Staccato Dances by jim peden (classical)Staccato Dances
Preview DOO-BEE-WAH by JOE  (alternative)DOO-BEE-WAH
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