Groove Generator

This award -winning innovator of funkified urban contemporary and oldschool dance music is definitely bringing the "grooves that make you wanna move" with tracks like "Release Me' and ' You Think I'm A Player'. from the latest digital Lp entitled 'LOVE SEXY'. It's a mixture of house and hiphop flavas. Among some of Groove Generator's most recent accomplishments, making a positive impact in this ever-changing entertainment industry has been the primary focus. Through Brickhouse Mobile, Groove's entry into the mobile music industry has and continue to be successful. Ringtones, ringback tones, sexy voicetones and music for mobile games have generated over $1,000 per month since March of 2005. Some of Groove's funky tracks were placed in Cable TV programming, and music-on-hold applications. You'll be able to hear more of Groove Generator's music in the highly-antiicpated film entitled 'Cain and Abel', which is getting rave reviews at the Sundance film festival 2006.

Wednesday, 20-Jun-2018

Today's Selection

Play Lucky by Carole and the G-men (pop)Lucky
Play Lady Marianne by Potion13 (alternative)Lady Marianne
Play Toccata In F (C-M Widor) by jim peden (classical)Toccata In F (C-M Widor)
Play Zeronin by Eftos (classical)Zeronin
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