Cold Warning

In the vein of such artists as Boards of Canada, Front Line Assembly, Front 242, and Brian Eno, Cold Warning brings a fresh and original style of Electronic, Experimental and Ambient music to the scene.

In a few words the music could be described as the beautification of isolation and abstraction

Combining organic instrumentation with original field recordings, synths and rhythms, Cold Warning, aka Trevor Brawn brings together his experiences and emotions growing up in the eclectic, artistically and culturally diverse Canadian city of Halifax Nova Scotia during the 80's where he was heavily influenced by the music of Gary Numan, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel and an exhaustive list of others.

Cold Warning brings a style of composition and focus that undeniably links him to his early influences while setting him apart at the same time. Continuous experimentation and manipulation of sound has seen his music appear in television programs such as the History Channel's "Beyond the Da Vinci Code", A & E's Biography, VH1 and many others.

Cold Warning songs that have appeared on network television

Cold Desert Plain has appeared on :

Conspiracy Files-JFK Assassination (Discovery Channel),
99 Most Bizarre: Episode: 101 (Fox Network)
Meth: Kiss Of Death (Discovery Channel)
Even Scarier Movie Moments Part 2 (Bravo)
Beyond The Da Vinci Code (The History Channel)
The Critical Hour - Episodes 4, 6, 7, 8 (Discovery Health)

As We Drink The Wine has appeared on :

Full Force Nature: Episodes 102 & 112 (Weather Channel)
America's Scariest Halloween Attractions (Travel Channel)
Driven: Paula Abdul (VH1)
Beyond The Da Vinci Code (The History Channel)
Your Movie Show (MTV)
The Secret Life Of Vampires (A&E Network)
Biography of the Year: 2003 (A&E Network)
The Critical Hour Episodes 3, 8, 11 (Discovery Health)

Entities and Elementals has appeared on :

Dweezil & Lisa Atlanta (Food Network)
America's Scariest Halloween Attractions (Travel Channel)
The Secret Life Of Vampires (A&E Network)

Ghosts has appeared on :

Beyond The Da Vinci Code (The History Channel)
2006 FIFA World Cup Official Guide (Various Channels)

Behind the Mirror has appeared on :

Greatest History's Mysteries (Out Of This World) (The History Channel)

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