Causa Mortis

Hi all! Causa Mortis (my band) is, in fact, just me. I'm an Air Force Judge Advocate (military lawyer) who is currently on indefinite covalescent leave due to multiple back surgeries this past summer. As a result of that, I've begun to compose a number of different pieces, primarily instrumental pieces, though this is mostly because I haven't gotten around to adding vocals yet. These are all rough mixes recorded into Sony ACID 5.0 Music Studios with extremely limited equipment (a Strat, an acoustic guitar, a small Crate practice amp, and a couple of pedals -- I have to use my Strat toned down to fake the bass lines). All that being said, the results aren't bad at all, especially considering that these again are all rough cuts with most of the tracks being recorded in one or two takes. I'm slowly but surely rerecording and remixing them while still writing new material. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I love all music, but I've been especially influenced by U2, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Elvis Costello, Pink Floyd, The Beatles (and John and Paul solo), the Sundays, the Cure, the Smiths (but only while on Prozac), REM, Jane Siberry, Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon (and that other guy, too), David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Portishead, the Pixies, Van Morrison, Barry White, Fiona Apple, the Kinks, and too many more to mention here. Anyway, I like to try to be as original as possible. Hope you like my stuff in it's current state of development. Take Care! -CM

Friday, 18-Jan-2019

Today's Selection

Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
Play Lackluster by euphoreador (alternative)Lackluster
Play Closed To You by jake (alternative)Closed To You
Play Suck Me by lecso (punk)Suck Me
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