Welcome to the strange land of droll ... a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a nice shortcrust casing. droll

Nestled in the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona, droll scours its everyday existence to conjure melodic and rhythmic concoctions and mix them into an unlimited range of genres and musical styles. How to make studio coffee appealing

It is the very accidents, the mistakes, that which many would consider trash, that are such valuable assets. Utilizing the unwanted elements and exploiting them in tangent with pop gives droll the luxury of having a fresh yet recognizable sound that has layers of elements to be discovered.

Embedded in the studio droll finds its very essence. droll's range of contributors is vast and utilizes many eccentric as well as conventional artists to complement its core membership. The thought and purpose of droll was put into implementation in 1996 and is continually growing and proving the initial theories and challenges droll has set out for itself. See for yourself.

droll are Wilke, blackdevil, and denbuz, plus a host of contributors.

Influences are Bill Nelson, Focus, David Bowie, Fripp & Eno, Frank Zappa, T-Bone Burnett

Tuesday, 14-Aug-2018

Today's Selection

Play Goin Back Down by Urgent Dispatch (alternative)Goin Back Down
Preview Negative Vibes by cryout (world)Negative Vibes
Preview Cracked Dandelions by Abandoned toys (classical)Cracked Dandelions
Preview Put Your Hands Up by DJ Smooth4lyfe (dance)Put Your Hands Up
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