SOUND PROOF is a creation of JASON HANLEY. After years of cultivation, originating in a classically trained background, the sound has evolved to an intensely provocative raw form of folk-fueled blues and jazz. As the group's evolution spun itself off to several other groups - ENTERLANDSCAPES, SOUL BEYOND, LATINO CHROME, JANE DOE, and THE GOONES - the one constant in the musical montage has been HANLEY. Another constant in the group is that it reveals a new dimension with each new creation. No one could ever accuse SOUND PROOF of being packaged. On the contrary, very little of any part of the musical experience is repeated. Stylistically, it is moody and apt to change directions. Stitched like a quilt of moods and sounds SOUND PROOF will NEVER bore the listener. The highlights of SOUND PROOF tunage often include masterful guitar, or un-encompassing vocals. They manage to bring many emotions to the table on every occasion, with the journey of each tune, sometimes breathtaking, and always mobile. The tracks always feel like they are going somewhere. They seem to touch on many raw nerves, and as the different artists make their way into the collections of work, each one brings another flavor to the overall tempo HANLEY sets. The one word that struck us when we first listened to this material, was accomplished. It's true that all artists featured here sound accomplished. You can feel that they have been there, done that, and can do things effortlessly, unlike some groups who really need to try! This is the SOUND PROOF strength. They are clear about where they are going, even though it is a different place on each track.

Friday, 18-Jan-2019

Today's Selection

Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
Play Lackluster by euphoreador (alternative)Lackluster
Play Closed To You by jake (alternative)Closed To You
Play Suck Me by lecso (punk)Suck Me
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