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band bios are very often sweetened with many different and enticing adjectival flavors as a means to the end of convincing you of an individual's or a group's artistic worth through the use of catchy, sometimes hyperbolic, almost always uncritical, descriptions of the content and its form, the band and its music. this is another one of those bios. basically, we're 3 guys who share a love for creativity and the aesthetic language in general, and are currently, steadily and gradually, weaving the fabrics of our various and diverse respective musical influences into what we hope will be a composite and refined whole. we've been jamming and writing together for about a year, so relatively speaking, and with the risk of sounding trite, we've only just begun. with a dedication and appreciation to and for the virtues of musical integrity and originality, we look forward to a rewarding, ongoing collaboration and to infusing our works with a collective passion - an incomparable, never-ending love for music, "the greatest wealth of them all". - Todd, Clay, and Tom

Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

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Play Gamer by rap1o4 (jazz)Gamer
Play Robber Barren by euphoreador (alternative)Robber Barren
Play Staccato Dances by jim peden (classical)Staccato Dances
Preview DOO-BEE-WAH by JOE  (alternative)DOO-BEE-WAH
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