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Hello, my name is John "Keoni" Morris. I'm from the island of O'ahu in the Hawaiian Islands, am a military veteran (United States Air Force), love reading, writing, and IT technology. Currently, I'm a published composer/ songwriter with DSM Producers, Inc. located in Marco Island, Florida. I play keyboards in a band comprised entirely of US military veterans, and we go around doing concerts to raise interest and money for the benefit of veterans everywhere. We've done shows in parades, hospitals, beaches, special events, luncheons, award ceremonies, etc. and look forward to doing much more. I'm very much interested in acquiring more opportunities in music licensing, for example, for video games, corporate videos, commercials, film and television. And I'd like to create music videos for YouTube (that would be so cool!). I have a vision of creating my own "music publishing" company in the near future and would love to share ideas with others about how to develop one that can be the best. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. John "Keoni" Morris E-Mail: Phone: 808-426-3041

Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018

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Play Gamer by rap1o4 (jazz)Gamer
Play Robber Barren by euphoreador (alternative)Robber Barren
Play Staccato Dances by jim peden (classical)Staccato Dances
Preview DOO-BEE-WAH by JOE  (alternative)DOO-BEE-WAH
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