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I've loved music all my life. My earliest encounters were learning the violin at school. I eventually got to play the odd violin concerto and led the school orchestra, but, as a teenager, it seemed more of a penance than a pleasure. The rigour and stiffness of it put me off 'classical' music for years.

As a teenager I was inspired by the Beatles, the Nice, and the Cream and I took up keyboard and played with a lot of good rock bands around the West of Scotland. However, the real world intervened and raising a family meant music took a back seat.

Now I've come full circle back to classical and jazz. For me, it's the melodic and harmonic interest in classical and jazz music that inspires. Modern music technology gives me the means to realise my musical ideas. Rather than restricting musical freedom, technology eases the translation process from the imagination to the recording. It makes it possible to divide up the creative process and refine each part separately.

My influences and inspirations include Bach, Art Tatum, Keith Emerson, Bela Bartok, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin, Igor Stravinsky, Olivier Messaien, ...

Wednesday, 6-Feb-2019

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Preview Galveston   Bay by cryout (world)Galveston Bay
Play Allegro Barbaro (Bartok) by jim peden (classical)Allegro Barbaro (Bartok)
Play Les Yeux Cochons by Potion13 (alternative)Les Yeux Cochons
Play Time Won't Tell Remix by E. Grizzly (alternative)Time Won't Tell Remix
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