Tim Lee

Born the start of the 60ís music era, I grew up to the sound of the Beatles and survived Rolf Harris. However, I became quite fascinated by this long wooden tube called the didjeridu, didgeridoo or Yidaki. Took up the guitar at the age of 10, followed by the piano shortly after to help me read music. An interest in Bluegrass later in life, led me to playing the 5 string banjo. Tim

Progressing through different styles of playing I became very interested in world music and the range of rhythms it had to offer. Different cultures associated with world music gave me a special fascination for the Aboriginal culture.

The birth of the World Wide Web made the World a little closer, which has provided some new musical relationships, given me the opportunity to own a didjeridu and have the chance to learn and play with Aboriginal Clans from North East Arnhem Land. Last year I attended a "Yidaki" master class in North East Arnhem Land given by the didge master Djalu Gurruwiwi. He also made one of my didgeridus. "Yidaki" is what they call the didgeridu in North East Arnhem Land.

I had the privilege to meet another didge master, David Hudson, last year - he made the didge I use in my recordings and has been a great influence on my playing. Another big influence has been Charlie McMahon.

When Iím not making music, I like to paint and generally get involved with art and craft. I have a keen electronics and Information Technology background, which complements the technical side of my music.

My day job as an Information Technology Manager keeps me busy and up-to-date with new technology

Across the Nullarbor

Tim recently undertook a journey across the central desert area of Australia. Here are a few of his photos from this 2000 mile trip across this empty, barren wilderness.

Australia rocks
the Orient Express?
the road to nowhere

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