Electronic Music from the UK

Name : Neil Austin.
Location : Manchester UK.
DOB : 20/02/1972.

Instruments : Yamaha RS700, a selection of Electric and Classical guitars and Basses.

About : Began playing the guitar at around 12 years old. Studied Classical Guitar with the
Trinity College of Music London in 1993.

Styles : Currently working in the techno field.

Wednesday, 20-Jun-2018

Today's Selection

Play Lucky by Carole and the G-men (pop)Lucky
Play Lady Marianne by Potion13 (alternative)Lady Marianne
Play Toccata In F (C-M Widor) by jim peden (classical)Toccata In F (C-M Widor)
Play Zeronin by Eftos (classical)Zeronin
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