Mushroom Suzie

Mushroom Suzie consists of members Laura Arellano (voices) & Chad Hagedorn (instruments). What was once a garage-rock band from Tacoma, has now evolved into an ongoing art-rock recording project. Mushroom Suzie has always been a musical journey filled with complexity and uncertainty, yet always aiming to please! Trip-hop, post-punk, electronica, pop, neo-psychedelica, new wave, and/or moody ambience - all laced with lush female lead vocals is what you'll hear from Mushroom Suzie, regardless of the ambiguity!

Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018

Today's Selection

Play Demand Of Thyself by euphoreador (alternative)Demand Of Thyself
Play Be Like You by Naomi Carmack (pop)Be Like You
Play 22 by Mixed Messages (alternative)22
Play Orter by calyx after this (electronica)Orter
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