Mushroom Suzie

Mushroom Suzie consists of members Laura Arellano (voices) & Chad Hagedorn (instruments). What was once a garage-rock band from Tacoma, has now evolved into an ongoing art-rock recording project. Mushroom Suzie has always been a musical journey filled with complexity and uncertainty, yet always aiming to please! Trip-hop, post-punk, electronica, pop, neo-psychedelica, new wave, and/or moody ambience - all laced with lush female lead vocals is what you'll hear from Mushroom Suzie, regardless of the ambiguity!

Wednesday, 20-Jun-2018

Today's Selection

Play Lucky by Carole and the G-men (pop)Lucky
Play Lady Marianne by Potion13 (alternative)Lady Marianne
Play Toccata In F (C-M Widor) by jim peden (classical)Toccata In F (C-M Widor)
Play Zeronin by Eftos (classical)Zeronin
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