Martyn Covell

Martyn is currently at college and listens to and makes music (though not nearly enough!). Martyn Covell

8 years of piano and a year of guitar together with a shedload of music tech and computer know-how make Martyn's tracks well worth listening to.

"My favorite bands are Gorillaz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Prodigy, FatBoy Slim, Linkin Park, Offspring, plus loads more, though Prodigy probably rates top of the lot!!"

Martyn also likes flying (in planes), aircraft, windsurfing, and mountain biking.

We gave Martyn some questions. Here are the answers we can print.

Have You Ever ...

  • been so drunk you blacked out: no
  • put a body part on fire for amusement: no
  • had an imaginary friend: yeah, but we parted on bad terms
  • watched a Christina Aguilera vid: who??
  • cut your hair: yes, but not v much of it
Favourites ...
  • Smiley: doesnt exist, but wld b similar to :D (mit pointy teeth)
  • Lace or satin: cant afford either - i only work part time in focus!!
  • Fave cartoon Characters: dunno really, Bugs bunny?
  • Fave Food: nething spicy
  • Fave Movie: matrix
Right Now ...
  • Wearing: blue shirt and jeans
  • Hair: usual mess
  • I'm feeling: Happyish, just finished my exams!! :)
  • Thinkin bout: nothing - it hurts 2 much!!
  • Listening to: Guns 'n' Roses - Apetite for Destruction
Do You Believe In ...
  • Your friends: what friends?
  • Santa Claus: somebody gives me presents every xmas
  • Tooth Fairy: i did, but then my teeth stopped falling out
  • Angels: as in hells angels on big motor bikes?
  • UFO's : absolutely - i (L) Star Trek!!

Wednesday, 20-Jun-2018

Today's Selection

Play Lucky by Carole and the G-men (pop)Lucky
Play Lady Marianne by Potion13 (alternative)Lady Marianne
Play Toccata In F (C-M Widor) by jim peden (classical)Toccata In F (C-M Widor)
Play Zeronin by Eftos (classical)Zeronin
I like this track!

I hate this track! X