Music by Johnny Surfer

"Misty Moon"

Number 29 in site chart.
A mellow instrumental meant to sooth the restless spirit that arises within each of us and let us smell the roses.

"My Mother's Open Eyes"

Number 41 in site chart.
No information available
for this track.

"Rage Of The Wind"

Number 48 in site chart.
At times, life seems to be on the edge of a storm, so I tried to write an instrumental that invoked the feelings of anxiety, rage, and underlying fear of the unknown.

"My Home, The Islands"

Number 143 in site chart.
An instrumental written in the Hawaiian "slack-key" traditional style.

"A Kiss Along The Ocean Tide"

Number 89 in site chart.
No information available
for this track.


Number 90 in site chart.
I viewed a sunset one evening and this instrumental came to me. A sunset always makes me feel calm, introspective, and composed, and I hope I did a good job in trying to capture that feeling with this piece of music.

Wednesday, 25-Apr-2018

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Play Daybreak by Martyn Covell (techno)Daybreak
Play Dance. by Vladimir Galaktionov (world)Dance.
Play ŰTéS áLló by lecso (punk)ŰTéS áLló
Play The Court of the Jade Emperor by jim peden (jazz)The Court of the Jade Emperor
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