How to Submit Your Music

You're a musician with music tracks that you want the world to hear. This page tells you how to go about doing that with OSRecords. Uploading music tracks is free and easy. You may also offer one or more of your tracks for sale.

Starting Off

Start by creating an account - click the Artists->Login submenu or click here. You will have to supply your performing name (or your band's name) and a password. Make sure you remember your password as you will need it again in the future.

After you have entered your details, click the login button and you will see another page, entitled Confirm New Artist, which asks you to confirm your password and to supply your email address. This is only so that OSRecords can contact you - we don't share your email address with anyone else. When you've entered the details, click the confirm button and you will get the Showcase Maintenance page. You can then start uploading your music.

Logging In

If you have previously created an account and you want to update the content then all you have to do is click the Artists->Artist Login submenu, supply your name and password, and you will see the showcase maintenance page. Remember to log out after you are finished.

Showcase Maintenance

This page allows you to create, update, and delete items from your showcase and to view statistics on plays.
Wednesday, 6-Feb-2019

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