Site Rules and Policies

This page sets out OSRecords rules and policies.

Site Rules

The term 'material' means any work - textual, musical, or graphical - uploaded to the OSRecords website.
The term 'contributor' means a person who uploads material to the OSRecords site.
  1. All musical material must be in mp3 format. Other encodings such as .wmv (Windows Media), .ram (Real Player) are invalid.
  2. The copyright to submitted material must be owned by the contributor. If you have written and recorded the piece yourself then you automatically own the copyright.
  3. You must not submit any illegal or offensive material to the OSRecords site.
  4. OSRecords reserves the right to remove or alter any material from the site without notice.
  5. Whilst OSRecords takes reasonable care over the maintenance of this site, it is not responsible for the content of material supplied by contributors.


The contributors have asserted that they own the copyright to the music, reviews and other material featured on OSRecords. If you wish to use music or other material from this site for any purpose other than your own entertainment, you must get the permission of the copyright owner. You can do this by contacting us via our contact form.


We ask you for only the minimum amount of information we need to provide music. We don't sell information about you or give it away to anyone else.

This means we won't disclose your email address or your shipping address when you buy an mp3 track or other product from us.

We don't use third party application software that can give the third party access to lots of data about you.

We use cookies for your language/currency preferences and for our shopping cart. Our shopping cart should still work but with reduced functionality if you turn off cookies in your browser.

Wednesday, 6-Feb-2019

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Play Les Yeux Cochons by Potion13 (alternative)Les Yeux Cochons
Play Time Won't Tell Remix by E. Grizzly (alternative)Time Won't Tell Remix
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