About OSRecords

OSRecords was established to provide an outlet for unsigned independent musicians and bands to expose their music to a wide audience via the internet. It's a purely on-line operation. We went live on 19th january 2000 and the site has been growing steadily both in its range of music and in its visitor numbers ever since. Currently, 3500 visitors per month enjoy browsing the site and downloading our music.

In our humble opinion (very 'umble, very 'eavy), good music does not originate solely from celebrity acts. Nor should music be treated like soap powder. This doesn't mean that big companies and stars don't produce some good stuff - only that other people can do it too.

We see ourselves as a small community of people who love making music and want others to get a buzz from what we do.

Musical Democracy

We don't judge music by its 'commercial' value but it does have to be well made - well written, well performed, and well produced. We think it's up to the audience to decide if they like it and not up to some teaboy in the A&R department of a big record label. In our system, the artist retains artistic control - the freedom to produce whatever they like in whatever style they like.

So there you have it. We are proud of our artistic integrity in an industry increasingly devoted to spin and innuendo, and increasingly driven solely by the profit motive.

Friday, 20-Oct-2017

Today's Selection

Play Devils Song by Palodine (alternative)Devils Song
Play Synthetic Galaxies by Filter screen (techno)Synthetic Galaxies
Play Your Smile by Nikita Bratus (jazz)Your Smile
Play Everyday Life - Alucard by Indie Unplugged Miami (alternative)Everyday Life - Alucard
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